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Quite often, I see my credit card balance say I'm due whatever amount by the 12th of a month - even if it's passed that date by a few days making me think I've not paid it.


The minimum appears on Accounts Summary then the full amount from the month appears as one of the options when you click on Pay Credit Card.


Wouuldn't it be better if it updated to tell you this month has been fully paid off or update the amount and date to next month's payment - or both?

Here's an idea, and personally something I think AMEX are the leaders in as I've yet to find another provider that does this to the same level of detail as them. Until an item physically hits your account you can never tell 100% what is causing the difference between the 'Account Balance' and 'Available Balance', for example, simplistically I could have 'Account Balance' = £100 'Available Balance' = 50 and it may be several days later until that £50 hits (for obvious reason in some cases I know as it may actually never hit if it is a pre-aurthorisation). However, how AMEX get around this to be most helpful to the customer is almost immediately after I make a purchase I can see a sub-grouping of 'Pending Transactions' in my account that would detail something like SHELL PETROL £50*** (***meaning that the amount could change by the time it is fully validated, but this is more than likely the amount). I would really like to see RBS implement something like this as it would be extremely helpful to their customers and I would think in these days of Digital Banking that all the information is held on the systems anyway, just currently not accessible to the account holder.


I see this would be applicable to both Online and Mobile Banking.


Thanks and Regards


Status: We're looking into this, but need more time
Thanks for your feedback on this Ry, it's a great idea :smileyhappy: I've checked with our Online Banking Team, and I can tell you that it is something we are already thinking about. However, it's a big project, so we don't have a timescale available to share at the moment. Who else thinks this is a good idea? Give it some Kudos and we'll see if we can hurry it forward!


by Bluescoot on ‎25-02-2014 10:09 AM
Please stop emailing in the middle of the night as it wakes up anyone with their smartphone linked to their account... eg; me... Thanks.

Travel notifications

Status: Sorry, we can't do this right now
by BC on ‎12-03-2014 01:47 PM

Have recently had to notify of travel abroad and the system does not allow the card to be in two different countries at the same time - well, the same date anyway. But I will encounter a situation where I will settle up at an Auckland hotel in the morning and fly to Singapore and pay up front for my hotel room there on the same day. I do need to be able to use the same date for two different places. It seems odd that your site doesn't allow this.

Status: Sorry, we can't do this right now
Thanks for your suggestion BC :smileyhappy: I've spoken with our Online Banking Team, and sadly this isn't something that is possible in our systems at the moment. It's a really useful idea though, so we will keep this in mind for future updates. If anyone else thinks this would be helpful for their travels...give it some Kudos!
S Keene

Could we set our preferences for viewin

by S Keene on ‎12-02-2014 02:47 AM
Could we set our preferences for viewing statements? Every time, I specify last 2 months > view all > sort by latest first. It would be great if the website remembered that.
Paul B

Select existing payee for standing order

by Paul B on ‎18-12-2013 02:13 AM
When creating a standing order rather than entering the sort code & account each time, have an option to select an existing payee. It would be much easier and reduce errors. Broadly improve the workflow for transactions online, small but badly needed
My RBS cards are boring! Can there be a better or put some thought on the design of all your credit and debit cards? I feel embarrassed placing my card with my friend's beautifully designed Barclaycard.
Status: We're looking into this, but need more time
Sad to hear that you think our cards are boring :smileysad: thanks for your comments on this though, it's certainly a hot topic on our Ideas Bank! This is something we are looking into, so will need a bit more time to give you more information on any updates - we will keep you posted! If anyone else loves this idea...give it some Kudos :smileywink:
Allow multiple References for the same Payee. Currently if I want to change the Payment Reference, I have to re-add that Payee; this seems backward. I have many Payee's that use the same bank account but need different reference notes each month. Frustrating!
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An app for a children's personal finance management. A gamified app to give could give them incentives to set goals for saving and budgeting. Another useful feature would be a P2P channel for parents to to give their children allowance through the app.

Status: This is Live!
Thanks for your post antsinmypants :smileyhappy: We do actually have a fun, savings themed app with our Pigby's Fair game which is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Kids can set up and run their own stall, and learn how to save by setting goals with our calculator - the better they save, the more levels they unlock! Find out more here:
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They systems you use in branches is dire and old also branches need refreshing

Status: Can you give us more information?
Thanks for posting, and sorry to hear that you feel this way about our branches. Are there any in particular that you visit frequently that you think could do with updating, and which systems are you not getting along with? If you could just pop some more information in the comments, I'll take this feedback to the branch directly :smileyhappy:
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I use various ways to access my account i.e. Mobile app, online banking, telephone banking, branch etc.

However, if I logon via Mobile or Online Banking there is no consolidated view of the various methods used to access my account. What I am thinking is that if there were an audit trail screen that displayed to the customer the last say 15/20 logon or security passed methods or attempts I could tell if access my accounts had been made that I had not authorised e.g. If an attempt had been made to access my account by Telephone via the call centre when I know that I had only used online banking or the app.

I see this as a good way to prevent or minimise fraud and for customers to keep a closer eye on things. Then customers can proactively alert the bank when something unusual has taken place and perhaps prevent or reduce fraud.





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Please, pleae, please, please get somone to sort out the anomalies with digital banking log-ons for persons who have accounts in both Scotland and England.  The system takes you round and round in circles and more or less prevents successsful log-ons straightaway.  This is absolutel infuruiating and has probably caused me to miss a request from the bank to transfer money today before the 1200 deadline.  I am really sick fed up with this torture.  Why can't I have one log-on that sees all my accounts at once?  I would have sent this mesage via the live chat but this facility appears to be off-line at this moment in time.

There is nothing customer friendly or accessible with this malarky.

Sorry for rant but chronically depressing.

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So I thought I would use this space to track the good and the not so good of the business banking onboarding process... let's see how we both get is the story so far.  


Good things in happy green, amber things are "oh well" and could do better things in a lovely red!


I should say that I'm very happy with RBS - I make these comments to highlight where things go wonky and could get better or just clarified in the process!


Day 0

  • Searched for ways to apply for a business bank account - very good website and getting better with better use of HTML 5
  • Read about "Business Banking Direct" - very fulsome.  Had a lovely chat with a webchat man.
  • Sounded perfect.
  • Note there is a link to "Apply Online" - heaven, because filling in your own form means your name gets spelled correctly from the start.
  • Clicked on link and it takes me to a form that is prepared for the brand.  No references to rbs. Interesting.  Makes me think that "brand" value is disposable.
  • Complete the form and off it goes.  No ability to "save and come back".  That would be nice.
  • No auto email response - its just comforting to get one of those reminding you of all you have typed and that its being processed.

Day 1

  • Receive a text saying my form has been received. "Please call" to process.
  • Upside - very efficient response, less than 24hrs.
  • Downside - "call"...the reason im doing it online is to have it done online.  Calling is disappointing.  HSBC process your form online with email communication for those times chatting is essential and letters for the legal aspects.
  • I call and I'm told Business Banking Direct is being sold to Williams & Glynn....hmm why did the website not say that?  And who are W&G?  And why do I need to be involved in that conversation? Anway I want to be part of RBS and not W&G (or NatWest from earlier on mistake)!
  • Asked if I could stay part of rbs and representative said yes and transferred my call to Business Banking people.
  • Friendly operator tells me that I need to start afresh....what happened to my form?  Why can't she use that? Oh no now I'm repeating myself and she will spell my name wrong for sure.
  • So I say ok lets do it....nope...I need to go to a branch to see someone of start again on the phone with someone else on a different day.....what?  How odd.....she takes my name, we have spelling issues...asks if Im a sole trader, I say yes, then asks for other directors my appointment (for an hour I'm told) is in for 3pm on Day 2....

Watch this space for day's been interesting so far.  The "courting" part of our new relationship seems to be quite one sided and its not on my side....exciting isn't it.....

Status: We're looking into this, but need more time
Very sorry that you've had this experience with us, but thank you for sharing your detailed feedback - it's very helpful :smileyhappy: I've sent you a Private Message to follow this up, so check the little envelope icon on the top right of the screen, near the search box.
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When logged into my account I'd like to see a count down of how long I have left until the page will timeout. A reset button next to that would be good to so I can reset it if I know I want the page to not timeout for a bit longer whilst I find some paper work or something etc.



Status: We're looking into this, but need more time
Great idea Fingers :smileyhappy: This is a new idea, so let's see how much Kudos this gets from you guys, and then we can see how popular it is!
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When viewing the Manage Direct Debit screen, the list of my Direct Debits would be easier to manage if I could personalise them by adding an extra column so, for example, :

Instead of having 2 or 3 Direct Debit's saying ORANGE, I could also call them Tom's Mobile or Harry's Mobile.

All the insurance Direct Debits could also be called HOME or CONTENTS or CAR or BIKE, at the minute some of the descriptions are gobledegook and only mean something to a computer somewhere.

If it is possible to add an extra column, please make it able to take min 30 characters so it would be possible to add a bit more info. e.g. Harry's Mobile, Exp 03/15.

Status: We're looking into this, but need more time
This sounds like a super useful idea Spiderate :smileyhappy: We'd want to find out if other customers would like this too, so if people could give it some Kudos and we'll collect all your feedback to take it further!
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Branch addresses

Status: New Idea
by James502014 on ‎12-03-2014 10:44 PM



I notice when I fill in online Direct Debits or subscriptions where my sort code or account number are requested that my branch address does not appear. What appears instead is the address of the service centre who handle the central processing of such mandates  / transactions. This must surely be confusing for many customers. How many customers would actually know this address or be able to verify it. Bank statements or cheque books only show the full branch address.

Can this be amended to only show the actual branch address or show both the branch address and the processing centre that the mandates are sent to.





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Opening Hours

Status: New Idea
by Rhuraidh on ‎12-03-2014 07:02 PM

As a service company I cannot for the life of me understand why branches are only open 9-5 surely this is the same time that the majority of customers are at work themselves. Okay there is the odd extra hour here and there on a Thursday night or sat morning but that really doesn't add very much.


Why are all branches not open untill 10 at night 7 days a week.

If it is to save money there is no need for them to open at 9 have them open at 12 or 1.



My problem is I work 9-5 Monday to sat and play football on a Thursday evening. I live in Alva. There is no option available to me to go into access a branch for any banking needs. Frankly I think this is very poor service as I canot be the only one in this sort of position.

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Hey guys,


Was wondering as you guys have an application which does not information customers of the status of the application untill its to late for example 60 seconds then why not add a feature to the app where it checks the status of mobile banking and changes the background of the app see below for samples.


Blue - All Working

Yellow (amber) some issues for example fater payments system is down if your doing a system update - but list the issues on the screen and maybe if you dont need any of theses services click next to logon

Red - total system outage

Status: We're looking into this, but need more time
Sounds like a really interesting idea Manchesternatha - thanks for your suggestion. I've spoken with our Mobile Team and this is something they are going to look into implementing. What does everyone else think of this idea? Give it some Kudos if you think it would be helpful :smileyhappy:
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When an online account is locked automa

by pluto on ‎25-02-2014 05:49 AM
When an online account is locked automatically email the account holder to let them know someone has been attempting to access their account. Twice in the last week and before I've gone to log in and found its been mysteriously locked.
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Online statements. I use the arrival of

by DKing on ‎24-02-2014 05:54 PM
Online statements. I use the arrival of paper stmts as a trigger for me to check transactions. Online facility doesn't help here. Would like to be able to set period for reminder to chk stmts and receive email. Ideally system would store that I had chkd stmts.
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